drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

so does that make 40 the new 20???

hey, if medical procedures are not your trip, do not read after the fold.

My friend Roof came down to get me into my colonoscopy, and boy was that longer on angst than it was on an actual experience. So after the fun of what does it take to get ones stomach to pass only clear fluid, I was soooo ready for anything. Except of course, that I do not like metal objects entering me... it is more a psychological thing, and, ok, so I am actually getting to the place where I am able to be honest with the medical staff
You see, I have an excessively well defined survival reaction, and I do not want to punch out anyone who is not a threat...
and the nice person starting the IV set up was so nice about it all.

We chatted, her son, inspite of his closterphobia, wound up as a crypto on a submarine. This did not make sense to her, and I noted the obvious
at times males are not thinking with their forebrains
and she knee jerked
Have you met my son?
yeah... right.

Let's be honest, the bulk are just that way.

Anyway, I looked at the clocks in the surgical theatre, and what happened.... I got the start of something and had enough time to ask the nurse, 'is that the start of...' and woke up to see a couple of non-rational image sets about the sequence. Then it was into recovery.

Roof was there to make sure. I was mostly coming in from planet Zorkon.

So they extracted about 9 polyps, and sent those off to the lab to be sorted out. The doc was a bit concerned, as that was a good number of them, and I feel like I have been bashed in the belly.... Oh well.

note: you are all tall people, I left the google reference if you wish to know more...

On the upside, the medical staff and I agree, we would all prefer to be actually 20-something, but with our current body of knowledge... and I also had to admit that the core reason I do not like this occurance is that I do not like the part where I have to deal with NOT being 20-something any more, and that this sort of medical practice is required.

Oh yes, for those who may be squeemish when this time comes, NO, 'that bashed in the belly' is more like
Bourne Shell Born Again MEET Perl, in an object coding methodology for better software maintenance
rather than say,
Hey kids, remember pickout out rock salt from you belly cause the person was nice enough NOT to load buck shot...
IF you know what I mean...

Ok, so it beats them pulling out about 30lbs of intestine, as they wound up doing with my mother, and of course there was that small part in that she and her meds did not work and play well under cancer treatment.

But everyone has to be somewhere, eh no?

And YES, DOOOOOOOO massively hydrate.

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