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Why The Immunity Deal Plea???

What is there to worry about?
Attorneys for Jose Rodriguez told Congress the former CIA official won't testify about the destruction of CIA videotapes without a promise of immunity, two people close to the tapes inquiry said Wednesday.

Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, ordered that the tapes, which show harsh CIA interrogation of two al-Qaida suspects, be destroyed in 2005. Rodriguez is scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Jan. 16.

Defense attorney Robert Bennett told lawmakers, however, that he would not let Rodriguez testify because of the criminal investigation into the case. Without a promise of immunity, anything Rodriguez said at the hearing could be used against him in court.

[ cf Ex-official wants immunity in tape case ]

I mean, check out
A U.S. judge denied a request by a group of Guantanamo inmates to investigate the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes and said on Wednesday a Justice Department probe of the issue would be sufficient.

Lawyers for 11 Yemeni detainees had asked U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy to investigate whether the CIA violated a 2005 court order to preserve documents on the mistreatment of prisoners at the U.S.-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

They said trusting the Justice Department to investigate the issue would be a "classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse" and called for a broad inquiry into the U.S. handling of interrogation records.

[ cf Judge denies detainee request to probe CIA tapes ]
So is this quitter worried that Congress might find some other court system that would uphold the laws against commiting crimes???

Or are these defeatist elements fearful that the evil liberals will overturn BushCheney2008 and allow evil foreign courts to try americans for the war crimes they committed....

I mean who can seriously DOUBT that god will have anyone but BushCheney2008 as the Divine Leaders of america's Information Extractors. I mean, yes, the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and their RINO fellow travellors are whining that 'the economy' is the important issue, rather than backing the President to Back THE TROOPS!!!

But does that mean that we shoul really allow the evil liberals to allow this sort of 'anything goes' where the Laws of America are considered Legally Laws that have to be Lawfully Upheld In America!!!

I mean what would that be like?

Remember, you are either backing BushCheney2008 OR you are stabbing the troops in the back because you are in bed with Satan!!!
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