drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

NeoPostoPreo NannyGate Redux....

Ok, so yes, this is a bit late, but there is a whole new dance craze, even more so for the folks who are looking to hip hop and jump start their dahling little one's way new cool thingus of pooh before they are even old enough for their kids to know the COOLEST OF COOL:
“I’m not really into the whole New York mom thing, so I guess I wasn’t aware that Tibetans were such a big thing,” Ms. Ballantine said.

But they are.

By the time Gawker.com fingered the trend in a posting last summer—“Victims of Religious Oppression Hot New Childcare Accessory For Fall”—the Tibetan nanny craze had been the talk of playground-mothers’ groups and online parenting bulletin boards for many months.

“My nanny is Honduran,” read one posting on the popular Urbanbaby.com site. “Should I get a Tibetan? I hear they are all the rage.”

“Tibetan nannies … any ideas of where to find?” read another. “I like the idea of a Buddhist caring for my child.”

[ cf Wanted: Tibetan Nannies ]

IF this is your first clue that you are SOOOO behind the TrendoMatic, well remember that it is soooo time to get past that whole failed liberal culture of wanting peace and coming, and that real parents are looking for better ways to prepare their children to be the real men they will need to be, even if they are currently nonMalePerkin, since War Winning is all the dance card rave as all true americans look forward to the great new day in america as we win with BushChaney2008, and get past this whole resurgent peace craze!!!

Remember the ONLY way to 'make the bad man stop', and IT is BushCheney2008!!!!

So why not come on in for the Big Win???
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