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Pravda the New "weakly standard" for the RINO set.

A forecast made by Denmark-based Saxo Bank, chaos will take a grip on the world in 2008. Oil prices will skyrocket to 175 dollars per barrel, the Chinese market will collapse by 40 percent, whereas the U.S. will suffer a 25-percent setback. All this will happen because of the mortgage crisis in the USA which already slows down the U.S. economy.

High oil prices can bring only good to Russia, though. On the other hand, even if the above-mentioned forecast comes true, Russia will face serious problems in its economy too. It is worthy of note that the majority of Saxo Bank’s previous forecasts for 2007 have proved to be true to fact.

[ cf New Year 2008 may destroy USA’s struggling economy ]
I mean who can believe that?

I mean would americans really believer Kommunist Backed Propoganda about:
Crude oil rose to $100 a barrel for the first time in New York as record global fuel consumption threatens to outpace production.

Oil's gain, extending last year's 57 percent rally, was boosted by forecasts that U.S. stockpiles dropped to a three-year low last week. Unrest in Nigeria, Africa's largest oil producer, also spurred prices.

``This is the culmination of everything that we talked about last year,'' said John Kilduff, vice president of risk management at MF Global Ltd. in New York. ``Various geopolitical problems have deteriorated overnight, in particular Nigeria and Pakistan. Commodities, and in particular oil, have become safe havens in a dangerous world.''

[ cf Oil Touches $100 a Barrel on Supply Concern, Increased Demand ]
That's Canadianist Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Propoganda for the radical left wing set that does not suppor BuschCheney2008 as the one true and only solution!!!

So everyone should feel better about the better world being more better than ever before as all come to support the glorious leadership of great leader who's leadership is gloriously great!!!

Besides the glorious upside of Nuclear Merchantilism is that it protects those with the nuclear weapons from those whom Jesus does not love as much....
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