drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Tell Me He Was Just Joking.

Over the weekend I had a pleasant phone conversation with dr_strych9 and I get it that as an Evil Liberal, he does not always support the President. Or the President's Ownership Society, but please tell me he was joking.

I mean he told me I just can not keep one of those Cute 20Somethings chained up in my closet. I checked my rental agreement, and while it expressly forbids my getting a pet, there is nothing in it that says I can't keep one of those adorably Cute little 20Somethings chained up in my closet. I mean it's a bit of a stretch to say that she would be a pet, play thing, yes, but not a pet. Ok, so yes, there is always that maintenance issue, but it's not like I was planning to treat her like a pet or anything. I paln to take her to the park on weekends and give her a chance to play fetch. I'm not a complete moron or anything. You have to get them out in the sunshine some time.

Ok, so I was planning to get her for the young lady of my acquaintance, as a valentines present. And it's not like I am buying an original first owner Cute Little 20Something. That is just silly, I mean you lose so much on the original purchase, as you have to shell out the whole cost of conditioning them. No, I was looking at merely a Certified Pre-Owned Cute Little 20Something.

The vendor had this really adorable one, and she looked so cute in her little cage. Think Shirley Temple doing Ann Coulter dialog. It was totally precious and ever so adorable. God but she must have been fun at fund raisers. Seems someone had traded her to a party boss for an appropriate restructuring of legislation. So he paid the full conditioning cost up front.

But you know how these things go. One year cute blondes are in, the next year! Well, actually, in this case she turned 19, and he just really didn't need to have some old woman around when he could just take the trade in value and get a new play thing. So she would make such an adorable Cute Little 20Something. The vendor says that if there is any problem with her following verbal commands, one can use the strobe light. Which normally gets them to follow orders. But if all else fails, one just tasers them.

Really nice system actually. Sort of the OnStar for the next generation of technical concerns. Taser the little problem, and the maintenance crew rolls. Nice service package solution if you ask me.

Now I could understand dr_strych9's concern, if he thought I really expected to get to write of the interest on the mortguage, I was just joking about that. Those sorts of tax breaks don't come until the 2008 Tax Years, and by then I figure, he, maybe I can just have them find me a fresh one, and I can trade up.

So please folks, tell me that He was just kidding. That he really is not some complete luddite opposed to the next hot marketting opportunity.


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