drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Evil Liberal Excess Regulation Of The Free Market.

I mean, hello boys and girls, here it is 2008, as in BushCheney2008, and what have the evil liberals gone and done this time? They have the Department of justice engaging in excessive governmental regulatory oversight of the whole Torture And Domination Industry!!!!


If the CIA was engaged in a bit of good old fashion boys will be boys torturing and video taping, that doesn't mean that the folks at the Justice Department have any right to excessively over regulate who can and who can not be in the Torture And Domination Industry!!!!

Only by allowing the Invisible Foote of the Market to Decide can we all have the fun and enjoyment of being patriotically all american, and capable of being tortured by the branch of government, or any private industry that is better able to respond to the needs of the citizenry when it comes to TORTURING folks, both foreign and domestic!!!!

IF folks were following that Red Lebian Pinko Radical God HATING AMERICA BASHER, Pat Buchannan, the puppet toady of the Pinko Peace Party Richard Nixon White House Clique, he recent was ranting that we have lost one in six of the industrial manufacturing jobs in amercia!!! And if that is correct, this nation can not afford to lose any more of the high paying jobs that are a core part of the Torture And Domination Industry!!!

So when you are buying your new governmental services in 2008, remember to buy the Free Market Supporting Services that understand the importance of leaving the High Paying Jobs here in america, in the hands of americans who can do a bang up good old fashion flag waving job of torturing anyone from anywhere for any reason at all!!!!

And remember, you will be glad when it is your time to be the person of interest to know that you are being tortured by the best that money could buy!!!

So think of this as 'it is a wonderful life' - but the "Not Rated" version where we are dealing with manufacturing the information that the people really want, and not simply rolling over to the Potters and their mere Potterville form of torturing people Just For The Money!!!!

So remember, ask yourself, whom would traditional family values turn to when it is time to torture someone, because we just need to have someone as a clear and compelling proof that we are torturing someone to make everyone feel better about themselves!!!
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