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Evil Liberals Are Evil!!!

President Bush said yesterday that he will veto the defense authorization bill because of Iraq's concerns that the legislation could hinder redevelopment efforts by entangling the country's assets in court claims by victims of Saddam Hussein.

Bush said he is ready to work quickly with Congress in January to fix the bill, which also contains a 0.5 percent pay raise for US troops and reforms to healthcare services for veterans. Another 3 percent pay raise for the military approved separately by Congress will not be affected by the veto.

Although the president objected to some details in the bill, which authorizes major military programs, his aides said he does not seek to reopen those debates. But a provision that he said would permit plaintiffs' lawyers to freeze Iraqi funds would, according to Bush, do intolerable harm to the country's reconstruction efforts and the US relationship with Iraq.

"Iraq must not have its crucial reconstruction funds on judicial hold while lawyers argue and courts decide such legal assertions," Bush said.

[ cf Citing Iraq, Bush to veto defense bill ]

Law In AMERICA????

Can americans really risk the growing threat of this sort of sinister and demonic force of legalizing law as a part of the lawful good, when we have Dubya who has been hand picked of god....

NOW MORE THAN EVER americans MUST vote for BushCheney2008 and stop the legal process from imposing the mere law of man upon the divine will of dubya...

Besides, why should congress even be involved in anything related to what the War President does in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby unicorn jesus!!!! As the Bible is biblically literally clear on the omniscient powers of a War President in so great a holy crusade!!!! So can I hear an AMEN!!!!

The bible says It, we all beleiver It, so congress should just but out of the way when GOD's WILL Is WillFull!!!!
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