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Well this should teach those evil liberal defeatists to let anyone out of GitMo:
Six years after being detained in Afghanistan David Hicks is a free man.

Wearing jeans and a green shirt, the 32-year-old former Muslim convert seemed relaxed as he was released from Adelaide's maximum security Yatala prison.

A small group of supporters stood at the gate to mark the occasion.

Hicks left without a word to waiting reporters but his lawyer David McLeod read a statement on his behalf in which Hicks thanked those who had worked to secure his freedom.

"I would like to recognize the huge debt of gratitude that I owe the Australian public for getting me home," he said. "I will not forget or let you down. Next I would like to thank my family and close friends who have been so supportive of me. Words cannot adequately express the level of my feelings for them. I love them very, very much."

[ cf Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Hicks Freed from Australian Jail ]
GodLess America Bashing Ferrign Devils!!!!

Is anyone really surprised here???? We all knew that the Australians are soft on International UnAmericanism, and have been in the forefront of not being american, so should we be surprised that they are putting known terrorists who have been convicted of international evil in an american Kangaroo!!!! Not a Kangaroo, but a real live, we opened up the Kangaroo and the entrils were clear and compelling about god's Divine Will that this was an evil doing evil doer!!!!

NOW MORE THAN EVER americans must back BushCheney2008 or the terrorists win!!!
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