drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Our MoJoWire, Drunk Or Sober....

What can i say, but I was pleased, amused, and giggly at reading both s9's take on the Xmas suckage that is tied into the reality space of being on active duty in a time of transferring the tax liabilites.... and how some folks were able to always be home for Xmas, rather than being at risk....

Then, well, let's be honest, someone has got to explain to Komrade Party Loyalist Hebisner that if the unicorn Jesus had meant for folks to understand the true inner meaning of the state of the art mortguage instruments, then there would have been a special addendum to the bible which would be available to just anyone to deal with god's clear and compelling commitment to Mortguage, rather than the short bit that deals with the divine mandate that opposes lending at rate, and that advocates the Jubalee, which of course are no longer as biblically literal as they had been prior to the rise of the Federal Reserve Banking Institutions and their own demonic incantations about actuarial tables and why we use them for blood scarifices.

I can only hope that they will do better next year as they learn to support BushCheney2008 and the holy crusade against all monsters everywhere, including the red fellow travellors who are still behind the 'it is a wonderful life' horror of Red Hollywood God Hating America Bashing. But we will be addressing that under it's own little scary, scary, scary bit...

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