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Which is the True Atheist Manifesto???

I mean the Evil Liberals are Evilly Liberaling with:
Richard Dawkins' best-selling atheist manifesto The God Delusion was at the centre of a growing row over religious tolerance yesterday after the Turkish publishers of his book were threatened with legal action by prosecutors who accuse it of 'insulting believers'.

Erol Karaaslan, the founder of the small publishing house Kuzey Publications, could face between six months and a year in jail for "inciting hatred and enmity" if Istanbul prosecutors decide to press charges over the book, which has sold 6000 copies in Turkey since it was published this summer.

"A reader complained, saying that he wanted the book banned and the publishers punished", said Mr Karaaslan after talks with the Istanbul state prosecutor. Mr Karaaslan, whose company specialises in self-help books and children's literature, has been given a few days to prepare a written statement of defence.

[ cf Dawkins' publisher faces jail over 'atheist manifesto' ]
Hello, the turkish are our peace loving allies in the war on all monsters and they were never involved in any genocide of the unFaithful, and they can not be the new replacement for the vast right wing religious conspiracy, which is at this very moment being persecuted in america by the vast atheistical liberal judicial system that does not accept their divine right to protest against the HomoZeXual Sins in America, at the funerals of Dead GI's who have been punished by God for being a part of the vast evil liberal Pro-HomoZeXual Konspirakii....

Mean while some cheese eating surrender monkey from Freedom has corrupted the moral fibre of an english speaker to translate his Freedom into american an publish Atheist manifesto proving that Freedom has always been a God Hating America Basher that is against GOD'S ONE TRUE PATH and the BushCheney2008 campaign to make america american again!!!

I mean, gosh, weren't folks suppose to have worked out which of their demonic overlords they were seeking to spill the innocent blood of white christian teen age pert nippled virgin teenage cheerleaders for??? I mean during the whole solstice festival of destroying our White Christian America you'd have figured they would have at least worked out the marketting issues here.
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