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Can we finally start expelling Liberals, Democrats and RINO's?

I mean, one has got to respect the Afghani....
The United Nations spokesman, Aleem Siddique, said the Afghan government had misconstrued the nature of the meetings held by the two political officers. They met with tribal elders and members of the community of Musa Qala, including people who are opposed to the government, he said, but not with members of the Taliban. “We do not talk to the Taliban,” he said. “They met with elders, local authorities and people across the political spectrum.”
The diplomatic row flared unexpectedly after the two political officers made an organized trip to the southern town of Musa Qala, in Helmand Province, which was recently captured from the Taliban, and reportedly met with members of the insurgent movement there. NATO and Afghan troops retook control of Musa Qala from the Taliban on Dec. 10, after a Taliban commander, Mullah Salam, was persuaded to come over to the government. The Taliban had held sway in the town for 10 months after British troops pulled out, and the area became a haven for Taliban fighters and a center for drug trafficking.
“If we are to cement peace and stability, we need to see an outreach effort to disaffected communities and those who have felt left out,” he said. The effort to talk to people and understand the needs and concerns on the ground was an attempt to bolster the government not to undermine it, he said.

[ cf Afghanistan to Expel 2 Officials ]
Get Real!!!!

In a time of transferring the tax liabilities, folks EITHER support BushCheney2008, or they ARE the terrorists!

I mean all of this mamby-pamby failed pre-911 liberalism of presuming that there were any other course than supporting the President To Support Total Victory against All Demon Creatures remains patently absurd!!!

Clearly now we just need to start rounding up the usual suspects and shipping them off to the land of reactor shielding, where they can become useful components of a modern endergy policy where they can option themselves as bio-diesel, if they are more ecological.
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