drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

oh yeah, as if....

Have you ever noticed the clear and compelling coincidences?

I was working on a typical rant review of Ray Harryhausen's traditional IT Came from Beneath the Sea, which we can all see now, is just more of the same old RadFemiSurfNazi Hitlary propoganda that shows how deeply red hollywood has been sinisterly committed to supporting the Hitlary Campaign, as a part of their stab the troops in the back, unamericanism of failing to Support BushCheney2008.....

And what does the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA DO???? Hum???

They give us this so called alledged tale of how some siberian (PinkoRedCommieRatBastard) Tiger majikally popped out and attacked innocent, so called, alledged phoney civilians!!!


Can we say Cat People ( and leave it to the evil liberal media meat puppets to disambiguate how they were putting out fires with gasoline ) as a part of the ongoing sinister Evil Plot of Hitlary and her Rad Femi Surf Nazi's????

I say it is time that we start investigating these so called san francisco liberals, and their whole sinister Nancy Pelosi God Hating America Bashing Voodoo Zombie Laser Death Ray Eye Equipped Dust Bunnies Of Despair that dress up in drag as communist backed tiger assault forces!!!

May be then americans will understand that we are not going to tolerate these sorts of Satanic Kult Rituals during the Winter Saternalia Festival of the Transferrance of Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby Unicorn Jesus as a part of america's total commitment to BushCheney2008, and no amount of Evil Liberal Media Cover Ups will be able to conceal their sinister bias!!!!

Anything Less and the terrorists WIN!!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, solstice

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