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Why we MUST go on Winning The War In Iran, and China, And Russia, And France, And....

I mean, there the evil liberal media is covering the whining liberal media concern about the torturing of some potential enemies, or the children of potential enemies, or well, just some folks who would really look good in a company made rough trade video about how real men are really manly and male in the leather scene proving their manly dominant masculine ways. And of course the whining liberals in congress are all upset about these manly male men in the torture industry and want the justice department to get involved in excess governmental regulations of the manly male man industry, where male men are manly, and male!!!

But that in itself is not enough of a reason, when there is this:
A Christian publisher said on Wednesday it has called off a parenting book written by Lynne Spears -- the mother of troubled pop star Britney Spears and her pregnant 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn.

"We have postponed the book indefinitely," said Lindsey Nobles, spokeswoman for Tennessee-based Thomas Nelson.

Nobles did not give a reason for the decision, which followed news on Tuesday that Jamie Lynn Spears was three months pregnant.

Jamie Lynn Spears is the star of the Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101," which is popular with preteens.

[ cf Spears' parenting book off after teen pregnancy ]
and to think someone could have had a fun filled
OOPS, I didn't get to do it again
Manly Male Masculine Man headline, but of course the evil liberal media is just wimpy!!!

Mean while there is this tastey op end:
Mike Huckabee's not-so-improbable rise has stunned the Republican establishment and has his rivals exhibiting completely aberrant behavior: Mitt Romney is teary-eyed, Rudy Giuliani subdued, and Fred Thompson snarky.

It is highly satisfying that the cause of this vexation is a Southern Christian conservative of the kind that the party has counted on for votes for decades. Republican leaders just didn't want one to actually run for president, and certainly not to win. George W. Bush was perfect for them: a veneer of Texas born-again evangelist ignorance covering a perfect Republican aristocracy that would ensure some level of loyalty.

Huckabee has risen from nothing in a few weeks to comfortably lead in Iowa and South Carolina. Perhaps more amazingly, he has risen nearly as fast in less primary-aware and Christian-fundamentalist-friendly states like Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin. One survey this week has him in a statistical tie with Giuliani in California, a presumed bastion of Republican social moderation.

[ cf Republicans Stunned by Penniless Wisecracking Two-bit Preacher ]
Who Knows....

Maybe the RINO's will give up stabbing our troops in the back, and will come back to supporting the greatest military leader who has ever been both the war president and the great leader who gave this nation a wart^H czar!!!

I mean we are in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby unicorn jesus, and we as God Fearing Republicans should be offering america more than merely the sort of shallow stock images that the evil liberals like to get all snarky about!!! We should be giving them war winning images of the greatness of Great Manly Male Masculine Men who are Masculinely Male in a Manly Way!!!!

So remember, no matter how unmanly the evil liberal media gets, you can vote for BushCheney2008 to restore our white christian america as they have always been restoring it, or you are on the side of EVIL!!!
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