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Golden Compass: The Movie Review...

The expected film whine here is that I will NOT protect YOU from 'spoilers' you have all had a chance to be an active part of protesting the film arriving in your area, and so whould have based your decision upon sound understanding of the real issues behind why the Movie "The Golden Compass" is just more of the same old failed liberal agenda to advance the Cause of Hitlary and her Rad Femi Surf Nazi's.

I mean, getting the Federal Election Commission in on this sinister plot by red hollywood to destroy our white christian america, well, gosh kids, goes without saying, and is repetatively redundant.

What I did find interesting was the take by a friend that he felt that it was too obviously the simplistic good v. evil and thus while this was better than the other alledged books in the stories, there is the messy bit with the whole problem of what is the real role of the magistarium. Which i think is a good enough take, and probably no worser than a smack down of Narnia, because, well it allows witches and what nots....

But I am still mulling over the central meme he presented, that this was the sort of story he would have written when he was on the order of an angry young man. I am still mulling that turn of phrase.

I can understand how in my 'violent youth', where I remember cracking the pages and seeing the JDL bombing anyone who was not as jewish as they were suppose to be, back before it became popular to assisinate the head of state in Palestine, because he was not Jewish Enough. Or the fun of watching my protestant friends bugging off to Gibralter, because under Fascist Franco, there were all sorts of stumbling blocks before non-Roman Catholics getting married.... So yeah, things were screwed up long before the Fun Filled And Exciting Islamic Revolution stabbed the October Surprise in the back and prevented the Tudea Party from turning Iran over to the Red Hordes of Moskovite Revisionist Soviet Hegomonists!!!! Who would ultimately feel the need to help liberate Afghanistan, and offer it the glorious advantages of a secular state, and access to the global economy.... Yes, the last time that they were Liberated, before the most recent exchange of liberators....

So yes, there are messy bits in the cosmic flow of things, that, are, well, gosh, merely historical in all of this. And yes, if we really want to make the move on why we should be more creaped out by stalinist adoption of the religious dogma of the cult of personality as opposed to the maoist deviationalist adoptions of the Religious Dogma of the Cult Of Personality, before it went out of fashion, and "The Gang Of Four" wound up merely as a gag line for a punk rock euro-trash band, I am more than sure we can move on through the part where the concordate helped one austrian corperal get a job that would allow him to snub the effemete intellectual elite in the 'home town' art circles.

So maybe there is more than a few good reasons that we may want to look at ways to have polite discussions about how much God Stuff do we need in the flow of our dialogs, before we understand that we are either going to support this season's Magistarium, because we need to end the chaos of the unbelievers, or because, well, we all just have to accept that from time to time, no matter what the evil liberal media meat puppets say, we have to be more willing to torture the unbelievers, because their unbelief is more unbelievable than the unbelief of the unbelievers whom we are more at war with!!!

Ok, so I really must confess, it is so the wrong mental frame work to be wondering into seeing this fun filled family film with all of the happy seasons songs from "very scary solstice" playing in the back of my head!!!! I mean, at one level, the fun of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society is that they offer up the images of a very wrathful god!!! The sort of wrathful god who is as destructive as was so popular back in the old old testament before the liberals opted to limit that sort of destruction of the unbelievers to only the unbelieving gay homoZeXuals!!! and not all of the unbelievers.

What I actually find amusing is the thought of someone being ever soooooooo impolite as to really translate this film, not merely the text of the dialog, but the symbolisms, into any of the other fighting religions, such as the War Winning Annimism Bhuddism, Radical Hinduism, that are just not getting the sort of power packed political press that the monotheisms get!!!

Then we could get back to the problems of whether or not we should STILL be banning the 'star wars' episodes, because they have a mithiclorian hatred of the true faith, and that they are therefore the demonic ones who have sided with the Magisterium, and all of the misplaced magisterium knights, against the truth loving, freedom loving, peace loving, well, ewokies who think that protocol droids are dieties...

Why gosh, golly, gee whiz, we might even want to work out how exactly do we want to deal with the questions of 'absolutes' and 'moral imperatives'??? And the question of how engaged must the divine will be in the process of providence, and does that stil really extend to the questions of an Orthodox Word Processing System?

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