drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

hey kids, of course it works...

why everyone who has ever been tortured in training will tell you that yes, they were willing to make up any thing to make it stop. Which of course is why we as americans have always supported torturing because there are just times when we need to hear the happy thoughts and the warm reassurances that folks really really really love us....

for fun, if you are bored, check out Fox analyst: Americans not above torture, and shouldn't be where we learn more about why all americans really support the need for more war crimes rather than fewer war crimes.

So remember boys and girls, this Xmas while you are having fun at the local family gathering, remind folks how much you understand and appreciate what they must do to stop the unbelievers, and that gassing them is not a bad idea, since, well, we just have to round up those types, you know, because of course, the kung fu action death grip of jesus just demands that the holy crusaders rip out the lungs of those not supporting BushChency2008 to support not only the president to support the troops!!!!

But to put the Mass back into Christ Mass, as we gather together to bath in the blood of christ, as he is there ripping out the beating hearts of the unbelievers!!!!
Tags: religion, torture, war, war_crimes

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