drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if the Community Does Come Out Of The Closet???

Sit down you freaking drag queens, this is not THAT community!!! A h/t to the right sorts for their patriotic pitch to The Revolt of the Spooks where the central question is, what if there is a problem with keeping the players down on the playnTaTion....

Amongst the really ugly question folks really may want to start seriously thinking about is whether or not it is just finally time to end the whole fiasco of the so called intelligence community.....

It is clear that the usefulness of 'the best and the brightest' has come and left the building. Since a president can just as easily make up the booga-booga they want to use as the reason to be afraid of TheyThemThoseFolks, there is no reason to play act that this came from anything other than the same sort of super duper marketting spiel that uses 'swooning prom date' as a part of their political analysis....

This solution would allow the fine folks in the US Congress to offer the simpler get out of jail free card, wherein they simply stop funding the project in exchange for folks who may or may not have engaged in any criminal conduct, will simply be personally responsible for their voluntary control of their issues..... just like congress has been so calling for voluntary control of all of the other urges, from global warming problems, pollution problems, hiring illegal alien problems, allowing sexual predator at internet service providers.... It would just have the added advantage of removing the government sanction, AND the cost to the ax payers, who have clearly been paying for 'intelligence products' that no one in the government wants or is using.

This would SOOOO help americans get through that painful part of the process where they have to deal with the very unpleasant prospects that there were actually laws in place that made war crimes war crimanal without needing to have any extra special sauce sprinkled over the top.... That we as americans have allowed this fiasco to keep on going on our watch.... well maybe the simple compromise of closing it all down and moving on will help americans work out some of the simply ugly bits.

At the very least congress could then mandate that it would fund a national intelligence community, if and when there was some clear and compelling sign that there was an actual need for them....

Until then we can leave the government to make up their own booga booga tales based upon totally stoner moments, without having to bill the tax payers for their little party problematic practices!!!!
Tags: war

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