drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,


In case no one has ever mentioned it, NO!!!!



You can not say:
Do not tell me to write a check because you're swooning like the star football quarterback's prom date. I don't care.
[ cf s9: The Democrats Brought Their Show To My Neighborhood ]
ESPECIALLY in a political analysis, espeically one about the God Hating America Bashers who are stabbing our troops in the back with their UnAmericanism!!!!

One can only refer tto swooning prom dates with regards to the most glorious of glorious economic miracles that great leader is greatly leading every new day!!!

Ok, if you really think that the 'religious' thing is toothpaste that we will not be able to push back into the tube, and that we will need to be addressing, then EVEN MORE SO, one shouldnot be talking about swooning prom dates, irregardless of the fact that they may have been the defensive nose guard in drag....

I mean, think about it from our side? I mean we have to live with
whatever shrieking howler monkey the Republicans nominate
( op cit)
Since the RINO's are clearly not doing their Patriotic Duty to support the President to support the troops so there is a bad chance they will not be voting BushCheney2008, as the bible clearly mandates that they must.
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