drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Brutal Persecution Of White Christian America!!!

WOW!!! talk about the obviously unamerica:
First, let’s cover the painting itself. It was created by Lars Justinen of the Justinen Creative Group, having been commissioned by Heavenly Sanctuary to publicize their conferences on the character of God. It shows various people with great influence in the world (l-to-r: German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Tony Blair, England; Kofi A. Annan, UN; Osama bin Laden; George Bush; Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh; and Jiang Zemin, former president of China) seated in a line with Jesus kneeling before them, washing the feet of Kofi Annan.
Sorry, I aint that kind of Christian. My Jesus would use nunchucks on Osama bin Laden. Or maybe rip his still beating heart out, Temple of Doom style.
Scientists have a saying when they encounter far-fetched theories based on wildly incorrect ideas; it’s referred to as being not even wrong. This is a good example. The listed author of that post, Dr. Rusty Shackleford, needs to spend less time with the exciting Hollywood action movies and more time with the relevant words of Jesus in the Bible. It doesn’t even matter which version, either; even the worst translations easily show that the person quoted above effectively denies Jesus’ teachings. Oh that’s right, most Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus’ teachings, does it? Herod could have succeeded in killing Jesus as a baby and, with the exception of what Pilate allowed to happen to Him, it’d not change Christian creeds by one single word. Christians simply don’t include Jesus’ actual ministry in their statements of what they believe.

[ cf How many Christians understand Jesus’ teachings? (emphasis mine to note that the author is citing a true true believer)]

Ever notice how they always attack the true beleivers who knows that jesus came with nun chucks and a killer death grip to slaughter the unbeleivers who are aligned with the evil types!!!! Ever notice how they want to emasculate jesus and act as if Jesus did not walk into the room with a machinegun in each hand spraying hot lead salvations to the devil worshiping unamericans who are not doing their part to keep our white christian america white, christian, and american....

One really has to wonder why these so called 'heavenly sanctuary types' have decided to so openly align themselves with the Satanic, I mean, do your homework here boys and girls, these folks have their roots in the canadian university system!!!! I mean what more clear and compelling proof is there that they are Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianists who are trying to destory our white christian america....

If you have the time, see who the evil ones really are, and that we are SOOO glad their type is not allowed to vote in american elections to elect BushCheney2008 as is the True and Unarguable will of Divine Comedy!!!!
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