drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Restoring the phrase 'main squeeze'

It is a sad and unpleasant time when the philologist in me finds that the term has grown an unintended double entendre.

Back in the day it was a crass euphenism for "The Young Lady Of My Acquaintance" (Tyloma) indicating that there existed some 'sexual' layering to the conversation above and beyond the usual exchange of daily innuendo and appropriate double entendre that added the joi d'vivre to the average day.

But now, when we have a War President who is committed not only to detaining anyone he wishes for at least as long as he can get away with it. Remains supportive of the taking of hostages, specifically the wives of "persons of interests", whom may or may not be rendered into places where torture is more pro-actively supported by the local regime; as a way of attempting to reconfigure the information container. A practice that the current War President remains very ambiguous about what levels of torturing he wishes to allow to be traced back to him personally. It would be such a wonderful day when the War President resolves if he supports himself to support the troops, or will he just go on letting the troops take the rap for his lack of decisiveness.

One has to ask, doesn't that make the 'person formerly known as your significant other' - well, your 'main squeeze' - since if there is any level of emotional entanglement, you may find that this can be leveraged against you by the State should they consider you a viable route to resolving any of their unresolved issues. Whether fostered on the public as a need to gain access to information, or merely the more peevish need to torture someone so that it looks like they are trying to win the current WhateverOnWhomever.

A while back I had to explain to my daughter that I liked her piece of romantic cyberpunk - but that as professionals, we do not go in and do our own Killing. It would not be professional, and there is a level of emotional entanglement that can lead to a phyrric victory. That one should seek the pro-bono support of an associate. So you will forgive me if I get a BIT CRABBY SOME DAYS!!!

It is one thing to support teaching one's children trade craft for the more pragmatic purpose of, well, engaging in such conduct for which there is a decreased need for anyone else to be aware of the mission profile. Or what ever it is that kids call those things these days. ( you lay pipe, you screw fittings, what ever are they calling it these days????) But to think that we are going to oblige them to learn trade craft so that they can remain both politically active, and retain some sembalance of their sensual humanity... That is clearly not the sort of 'warm fuzzy' we were SUPPOSE to be passing along to our children.

Hey Boys and Girls, what if you were to be polite to your drieux, and restore the rest of the Main Stream Society to it's upright and locked position, so that it can come safely in for a landing back in the good old USofA where we had real law and order!!! And we did not have to think about the Security Aspects associated with being entangled with a "main squeeze"... Is that asking too much of you FREAKS!


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