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Liquidity Crisis, What Liquidity Crisis????

Hummmm, tastey this, eh:
According to Deutsche Bank U.S. economist Peter Hooper, the initiative is a step in the right direction. "This will diffuse the liquidity crisis," Hooper said. "It will help prevent risk from spilling over into the larger economy and effecting availability of credit to households and firms."

He said the plan should effectively push the banks to borrow. Currently, "banks are hoarding liquidity, they're worried that they'll need it for themselves to fund assets that they have to bring on to their balance sheets," he said. Several banks that indirectly bought mortgage-backed securities, which are at the center of the global credit crunch, have taken over financing of affiliated companies, putting their bonds on the parent company's balance sheet. (See "SoGen Sucks Up An SIV")

The move comes less than 24 hours after the Fed disappointed Wall Street with quarter-point cuts to the discount rate and its federal funds target, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down almost 300 points.

[ cf Fed Pitches A Curve ]

How can anyone doubt that the bible is clear that the Unicorn Baby Jesus has the Throbbing And Tumultuous Horn Of TruffiNeff, that bringeth the economic recovery that can only come in a time of transferring the tax liabilities by having great faith in the faithfulNeff of the true Believers....

Thus there is but one choice, Vote BushCheney2008, or the terrorists will force your daughter to may a Gay HomoZexual Pirate Canadianist Zombie!!!!
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