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And of Course It Works...

I mean, what else would one say, when hoping to get a pardon, and a permit to be safe from those evil liberals who believe that the law in america is legal:
The CIA's use of waterboarding to torture terror suspects was approved by the White House, a former agency official claimed yesterday. The accusation comes amid growing uproar over the destruction of videotapes showing the interrogation of al-Qaeda members.

John Kiriakou, the former agent, said that the waterboarding of Abu Zubaida — the first senior al-Qaeda operative captured after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 — broke him in less than 35 seconds, and “probably saved lives”.

The harsh interrogation technique, which critics — and Mr Kiriakou — say is torture, was approved at the highest levels of the US Government, said Mr Kiriakou, who led the team that captured Zubaida.

[ cf White House authorised torture, CIA agent claims ]
Which lives? Where?

Or is that also a core part of the on going fiasco here.

By then it was too late to understand that Al-Qaeda had not invested in sub prime mortguages?

or had they failed to ask that question in their 35 seconds???

Hum... if we captured Abu Zubaida in the spring of 2002, ( cf SissInfo Replays Andy Sullivan's Reuter Take ), and it is not until March 2003 that we do American Liberation and Restoration Of The Iraqi WetLands does it follow that the information provide was not operable in preventing americans from getting bogged down in the ecoTerrorist Nation Building In Iraq....

Or that the CIA was not on talking terms with the white house about the factual things that torturing was turning up in the majik kingdom???

And would someone unwrap the back story on why this story is out now, and now majikally there is a desirement that waterboarding is merely torture??? does this player want back into the USofA or what???
Tags: torture, war, warcrime

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