drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

New Life Options....

One of the reasons that I SOOOO hate so many of my so called friends, is that they forgot to explain that at my age it is not practical or pragmatic, to sit up and play Warcraft III. Wound up worrying that I had been able to implement a variation of a bug a friend of ours had noticed, in which the time got reset on these old mac machines on unNamed circumstances....

In this case, the problem was NOT that the system reset the clock to 04:58 in error, it is that it did SO on the Direct Order Of Hitlary The Death Lord Of The Evil Democrats!!!!

So I took myself off to bed, and got up at 10:00, had some coffee, and a big bowl of autumn wheat, from costco, and returned to slaying and slewing for the true believers against the Unbelievers!!!!

I have now decided that I have been called apart to become the New Cartman in the New episode of Make Love, Not Warcraft as all of the true believers rise up against the demonic onsalught....

{ would this be considered in keeping with cartman in light of the recent shooting in that Area Of Operations? }
Tags: religion, war

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