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I mean, what is it with these god hating america bashers....
It is interesting to note the timing. Because according to the Times, even though the administration has had this information for more than a few months now, we are still hearing the fear pimpage re: The Iranian Flying Saucer Korps.
[ cf van.mojo: Lies My President Told Me... ]
When has the president lied????

Everyone, but the evil liberal media, KNOWS that we are winning In Iran!!! and that if we were to bring the troops home from Iran, then we as a nation would be facing the very same dangerous and demonic, Iranian Flying Saucers that attacked the American Fleet In San Diego on this day, a mere 143 years ago!!!! But will the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING LIBERALS attend the Holy Day Of Prayer and Fasting to stop the Iranian Flying Saucers from attacking the Fleet in San Diego????


NO!!! of course not, they are GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS who are not willing to support the president to win against the Iranian Flying Saucers as we have always done for the last 143 years!!!!

Americans must stand up against this sort of Huckabee sponsored assault on our white christian america by unwashed heathens who want some 'ugly step child of Clinton, and her boy toy lap scratch' as their national kapitulationist stap the troops in the back because they are unwilling to support the president to support the troops to total victory!!!!

Remember boys and ideological deviationalists, it is time to support great leader, or one is in league with satan!
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