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When I first came across the great divide, and left the fertile plains around livermore, for the lost and widless lands of greater downtown sunnyvale-mountain_view, where the Orcs and UNDEAD live, someone was ever so nice as to give me their old collectors set of WAR CRAFT III!!!

Well i opted to start playing it last night, and OH MY GOD!!!!

It's one long continues homage to Hitlary and her rad femi surf nazi's and how they are coming to the world and are going to consume everything and cause the great evil!!!!

As such Battle.net and the whole freaking 'world of warcraft' is simply the political arm of the rest of the demonic necromancers, and dark lords, of the democratic party, and prooves that they are willing to stoop to any crime to get under-age voters to vote for their Dark Lord!!!!

Clearly if the FEC is not willing to stop this abuse of the Divine Right of the Campaign Season, then the War Hammers of BushCheney2008 are just going to have to get mideaval on those Unbelievers!!!!

CRY HAVOC, and let loose the keyboards of the true believers!!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008

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