drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It is IN the Bible!!!

The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it!!!

EVERYONE knows that the unborn baby jesus was often want to destroy the video tapes of his brutal interrogation methods of young pert and perky terrorists wearing pleated skirts and school girl sailor tops, so why can't americans?
U.S. lawmakers are calling for a review of the CIA's decision to destroy videotaped interrogations of terror suspects.

The CIA Thursday admitted destroying the tapes. The admission come after the intelligence agency learned The New York Times was about to report the story. CIA director Michael Hayden defended the 2005 destruction, saying it had been done to protect agency staff, and that appropriate members of Congress had been informed.

[ cf US Lawmakers, Rights Advocates Question CIA Tape Destruction ]
Any questions?

Oh yes, and helpful hint girlfriend, Yes You cootie Pie Komrade GENERAL head of the CIA, Michael Hayden, get the queens in the VOA to get you a much Butcher, more Stern Looking, Bang Your Gavel, type of picture, since that neely queen prissy hissy before congress pix has SOOOOOOO gotta go girlfriend...

Oh trust me, find some really Butch Looking Boyfriend, make him a staffer or something, and then you can just slide right across the line and be the very next Craig Whomever from Idaho, as IF anyone would expect the nellyFest to be in the land of hunky young boys in need of proving that they are such Real Men that they don't even need none of that girlie girl stuff....

anyway. it is sooo not good to get your wood from the company chopping pile, unless you take it discretely home and pound the log splitter in it there... none of this tacky video stuff girlfriend, just not going to do, so Paris Hilton if you know what i mean, and we are all soooooo past that...
Tags: war, war_crimes

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