drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More SurgeTascial SurgeTasticalisms

WOW!!! Hey kids, check this out, not since the last round of the rounding out of the rules to rule that there will be rules that will rule about rulingness:
The move to tighten oversight of private contractors follows an incident last September in which guards from the Blackwater company providing security for a U.S. diplomatic convoy fired on Iraqi civilians killing 17 people.
State Department spokesman Tom Casey says the new system is designed to increase communication between State Department security agents, the U.S. military, Iraqi security forces and private contractors.

[ cf US State, Defense Departments Tighten Rules for Security Contractors in Iraq ]
OOOOOOH, tastey, and culturally sensitive....

why who knows they may even think seriously about a clearn and compelling set of hankerchief signals so that they can better understand which set of urges and needs, need to be urgently needfulled!!!

Yeah!!! and then we can have all sorts of Transactional Analysis sessions about how to understand the other communication issues that are so critical in an effective relationship. Then who knows, there may even be a chance to move in together, and see if they are in some way more compatible. You know, understand if they can work it out in a common space with a common set of goals and initiatives.

Then, maybe, even, a formal announcement that they are engaged....

Maybe even start looking at patterns for silverware and dishes....


Why who knows, maybe we can even get Dr Phil Laura WHOMEVER to do some sort of pre-marriage counselling guidelines for young military forces with uncontrollable urges and needs.
Tags: war, war_crimes

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