drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

are YOU doing your part for BushCheney2008???

The 2nd Battalion, 124th Infantry Regiment, which includes soldiers stationed in Orlando, Sanford, Leesburg, Eustis and Haines City as part of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was alerted Monday to prepare to mobilize and deploy in the summer of 2009. More than 3,400 soldiers comprise the combat team based in Pinellas Park near Tampa.
The 53rd Infantry Brigade has deployed soldiers twice before since 2001, including in the spring of 2003 when nearly 1,800 soldiers joined combat operations in Iraq, and again in June 2005 when more than 1,200 were sent to Afghanistan to help train the Afghan army.

[ cf Orlando unit could deploy to Afghanistan in 2009 ]
Yes the big question remains....

are you voting BushCheney2008, to back our troops to total victory?

or are you one of the evil liberals who is stabbing our troops in the back and kapitulatingly appeaseringist kut and runner who hates freedom?
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