drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why We Must WIN!!!!

yes boys and girls this is the lead off lines in the devil worshipping CNN TAKE:
A Missouri prosecutor said Monday no charges would be sought in the case of a teen who hanged herself last year after chatting on MySpace, although he said adults should have prevented the tragedy.
[ cf Prosecutor won't bring charges in MySpace suicide ]
Mean while, and I do mean mean, MTV starts with:
Missouri prosecutors announced Monday (December 3) that they will not file charges in the suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier, who took her own life last year after her virtual boyfriend, conjured up by a pair of local teens, broke up with her.
[ cf No Charges Will Be Filed After MySpace Hoax Results In Teen's Suicide
Prosecutors say there wasn't enough evidence in death of 13-year-old Missouri girl. ]
Yeah boys and girls....

We have some tripped out mother who hires an 18 year old female to play a virtual boyfriend so that they can find out what the 13 year old is saying in cyber space....

This boys and girls is Just One More Sign that the unborn baby jesus wants YOU to vote for BushCheney2008, so that we can win against the evils of liberalism, and the evils of the liberal media, and the evils of evil doing evil doers who are evil and doing, and ERS!!!!

Or longer story shorter, wow, in america, the wakkyNeff just keeps on wacking...

Are YOU voting BushCheney2008 or are you a really nasty poohperHead????
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