drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why do they hate freedom????

Ok, it's bad enough that they want folks to invest in things other than the US dollar, but
Like our single currency CD only in reverse. You "borrow" money from a foreign country and benefit if the U.S. dollar appreciates against the currency. DollarBull® CDs are available in all major currencies.
[ cf EverBank - World Currency ]
and the opposite would be what???

The DollarPoohPee account?

In which one did a loan in american currency, and then plonk it into some god hating america bashing NON-UnbornBabyJesus Currency, in the expectation that the dollar will some how have a resurrection event when suddenly the UnbornBabyJesus explains that he is tired of taking it in the fiscal shorts for the wankers, and is going to get all pissed off unless they get back on the Fiscal Responsibility, at which point, folks have that massive decaf moment and ask themselves why should they take the hit merely because the American Economy is having one of those Diaper Filling Moments of the unborn....

I mean wasn't the whole point of the war on they, them, those types, a central theme in the strong dollar policy?
Tags: economics, war

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