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what if the address says mmore than we need to?

A British teacher jailed in Sudan for insulting Islam by allowing her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad has been moved to a secret location for her own safety.
Mother-of-two Gillian Gibbons was jailed on Thursday for 15 days and escaped a public flogging. The perceived leniency incensed Sudan's hard-line Muslim clerics - described as "hot heads" by one Sudanese official.

Massing in central Martyrs Square for an hour, the hordes burned pictures of Mrs Gibbons and chanted: "Shame, shame on the UK," and "No tolerance: Execution," and "kill her, kill her by firing squad".

Riot police kept the mob, who had been ferried in on pick-up trucks after Friday prayers, from the presidential palace.

[ cf Teddy row teacher moved to safety (emphasis, mine) ]

So our christianist friends are going to tell us that we should feel safer because in the christianist zones they are not quite up to having Martyr's Squares, let alone, well, being appropriately armed, when dealing with, well, the godless heathen...

And this is suppose to make us feel safer about how some how the world created by the evils of the liberal compromises, have somehow been gooder, no matter how much the christianists fundamentally hate them???

In like terms, there is the problem for all of the HEATHERS, who have all been so blissed out on, can't we all just get along....

How exactly are we going to move the nation forward? or is that a part of the fun here, it really doesn't matter, since we are in serious need of a species die off planet wide, that these trivial details will be, well, trivial, as we all stoke the funeral pyres, for both reasons of religious traditions, not to mention the public health concerns about stopping the plague from spreading, or causing any of the other traditional problems that come with that many rotting corpses....
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