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Why we need more gastarbieten...

I was SHOCKED to hear the oberly extravegant excesses that the evil liberals have imposed upon the free market system, simply because they hate freedom:
THE migrant farm workers who harvest tomatoes in South Florida have one of the nation’s most backbreaking jobs. For 10 to 12 hours a day, they pick tomatoes by hand, earning a piece-rate of about 45 cents for every 32-pound bucket. During a typical day each migrant picks, carries and unloads two tons of tomatoes. For their efforts, this holiday season many of them are about to get a 40 percent pay cut.
In 2005, Florida tomato pickers gained their first significant pay raise since the late 1970s when Taco Bell ended a consumer boycott by agreeing to pay an extra penny per pound for its tomatoes, with the extra cent going directly to the farm workers. Last April, McDonald’s agreed to a similar arrangement, increasing the wages of its tomato pickers to about 77 cents per bucket. But Burger King, whose headquarters are in Florida, has adamantly refused to pay the extra penny — and its refusal has encouraged tomato growers to cancel the deals already struck with Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

This month the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, representing 90 percent of the state’s growers, announced that it will not allow any of its members to collect the extra penny for farm workers. Reggie Brown, the executive vice president of the group, described the surcharge for poor migrants as “pretty much near un-American.”

[ cf Penny Foolish ]

We pay these people????

clearly they should feel pleased to be given the opportunity to work for the man who single handedly wrote the code, then flew up and injected it into the Evil Iranian Flying Saucer Mother Ship before leading the combined all american attack that has made america american and rescued us from the Hiddeous Dangers of Those Darn Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

Don't these god hating america bashers understand that every penny these peasants take away from americans, god fearing white christian americans, is one penny less that they can send to show their love and devotion to the Greatness of The Divine Will!!!

I say it is time we stop these GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS at Taco Bell for engaging in terrorism against white christian america simply because they are in league with Satan and want to be in a three way with sadam hussein and Satan!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to stop them???

Are YOU voting BushCheney2008 to stop these sorts of radical anti-american extremists????

Or are you in bed with satan and the Hitlary Rad Femi Surf Nazi's???
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