drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The stab in the back comes back, with the cat in the hat, and green eggs and underAmericanism.

I think it is sooooo clearly a Konspirakii that there is a hostage crisis at the clintonesta campaign head quarter, and Hebisner: Coming soon to a theatre near you! came out a few days ago.... not that I am actually saying that the evil MindMeldingMonsters over at the mojowire are in control of all of the demonic forces of darkness... but one would have to wonder why it was that their 'stab in the back' article had to cite the so called Philadelpha Jewish Voice as a basis for concern about the current state of the stab in the back ( for the slow readers Dolchstoßlegende, yes that one, which we all know was caused by Hilary's Failure to vote BushCheney2008.... )


Can there be any doubt that the first step on the road to recovery have already been taken in new hampshire, and it is SOOOO time to abandon the radical left wing extremist defeatists RINO's ( Note: Hebisner: Trouble in River City, the real trouble is that the devil worshipping evil liberals are evil, and liberal, and devil worshipping, so does it matter how smooth talking Huckabee may sound, the very fact that he is stabbing the president in the back, and hence our troops, by not supporting the president and BushCheney2008, simply shows how wrong those radical left wingers really are!!! ) who MUST be defeated so that the people will rally patriotically to the totally new cause of total victory over all space alients and all iranian flying saucers!!!!


Supoort BushCheney2008, or there will be need for more liberations and more emergency acts to protect the true americans from the blood sucking beast of the pit and her fellow travelling liberals....
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