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books we MUST Stop!!!

one of my evil liberal friends recommended:
Modelled on Machiavelli’s notorious tract on statecraft, The Prince, Steve Fuller’s book dissects what it means to be an intellectual. What distinguishes them from philosophers, scientists, politicians or entrepreneurs? Why are they happy to be insulted as long as they are not ignored? Why do they thrive on conflict? And why is Batman the intellectual’s favourite superhero?

As well as a history of the intellectual from Ancient Greece to post-9/11, Steve Fuller also provides an essential guide to the species. Think you would recognise an intellectual when you saw one? Entertain hopes of intellectualism yourself? Meet exemplars from the past – Voltaire, Sartre, Norman Mailer or Bertrand Russell – alongside many living examples in this brilliantly original road-map to the intellectual life.

‘Reading Steve Fuller is like reading Umberto Eco on speed.’ Jeff Hughes, author of The Manhattan Project.

[ cf The Intellectual ]

We don't need none of their type here...

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