drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

workikng definition of cheap....

when my daughter was born, our friends in the rest of the fleet learned about it the old fashion way in the fleet safety gram, complete with a picture of mother and daughter in good health.

the new comedy is that the photo is now inshrined in tghe tribes history document. but another foto with her brother and robin hood, ( hey, you live in a very majikal forest when they actually issue you crew with names like, well Lt. Robin hood... ) because, it would be problematic, and of course amongst some of the problematic pieces is that while facets are declassified, not all of the majik forest is fully open to the plebian masses.

for what reason folks think we need to hide those details from the tax payers, well, hey, these are the most holiest of holy crusades, since at any minute those Iraqi Flying Saucers would be allowed to destroy our great war time allies the Iranians... or which ever is the excuse for the angst level that can not seem to get all manly butch and include the simultaneous launch of 10,000 plus nuclear warheads in a singular mass definition of true faith in the divinity of one's clearly more important issues....

but what would i know, I never had a chance to serve even as a prayer warrior for the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, I'm just waiting for the government to give me back the part of my life that they promised that some day they would not obliged me to lie to my friends and neighbors, you know, for reasons of State SECRETS, and the whole holy crusade skank...
Tags: religion, war

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