drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What A Great Time to buy a house!!!

DUDES!!!! like the 10 year treasury is at a yield under 4%!!!!

Clearly this will be great for everyone who is trying to refi their homes, since of course the mortguage market tracks against the 10 year!!!!

And now that the DOW is looking at an anemic 2.5% Year To Date Growth, clearly there is no better time to buy those additional homes so that each of your sock puppets will be able to take a tax cut for each of your homes. Now if only you had thought ahead and made that collection of sock puppets a 501(c)(3) - preferrably as your Metalurgists - the new religion about how the metal that is here is all about how god made the star children and sent the metals to be the basis for your personal god given tax shelter....

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