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Numbers are Numerical, when they are not Numerological.

Hey kids, of the Illegal Detainees, how many of them are actually the sort that the media hype about their being disappeared was suppose to be?
“Violent foreign-born gang members and their associates have more than worn out their welcome,” Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said at an October news conference announcing the arrests of 1,313 people in the operation over the summer and fall nationwide. “And to them I have one message: Good riddance.”

But, to the dismay of many of Greenport’s 2,500 residents, the raid here did not match her words.

Only one of the 11 men taken away that morning was suspected of a gang affiliation, according to the Southold Town police, who patrol Greenport and played the crucial role of identifying targets for the operation.

The 10 others, while accused of immigration violations, were not gang associates and had no criminal records.

Instead, they were known as good workers and family men. When they suddenly vanished into the far-flung immigration detention system, six of their employers hired lawyers to try to find and free them. Some went further, like Dan and Tina Finne, who agreed to take care of the 3-year-old American-born daughter of a Guatemalan carpenter who was swept up in the raid, if her mother was detained, too.
Greenport’s experience with Operation Community Shield sheds light on the inner workings of an antigang crackdown that has brought immigration raids to private homes across the country. The crackdown relies heavily on local police forces to identify suspects, often based on loosely defined or subjective criteria.

[ cf Immigrant Workers Caught in Net Cast for Gangs ]
Shock, whatever, whomever, support great leader, insert more patriotic noise here....

Are YOU doing your part to turn the unbelievers into the Department of Internal Piety? Or are you in league with satan becuase you hate god?

Besides, it is not like anyone actually ever believed in that tired and hungry and huddling masses thing that was all communist propoganda by red terrorists desirous of inserting Sleeper Cells Of Red Hordes that would support the Iranian Flying Saucers in a time of transferring the tasx liabilities unto the unborn baby jesus as outline in the Left Behind Series that makes clear what will happen to the unbelievers and their unbelief!!!

So are YOU supporting BushCheney2008, or are you alligning as an Illegal, even if you did once have possession of an actual american citizenship certifcation documentation, as accepted in the failed pre-911 evil liberal culture, are clearly, and compellingly, some sort of sicko illegal alien who has to be good riddanced, to keep america, american!!!

Do YOUR PART!!! Or there will be more needs for more emergency measures against your type!!!
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