drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Where is your rice harvest????

I just got one of those strange emails from my dear auntie, and it struck me, why not? Why not a web site that will suppossedly donate ten grains of rice for each word one spells correctly.... Free Rice seems an interesting idea. it is alledged to be a sister site to Poverty.com where they are looking for some other solution than more bombing and more guns for nervous draft dodging suburban punks, who are not sure why we are not more winning the at least as at war as ever before... and are hoping that majikally the NRA is going to protect their sport and keep those poor people away from weapons....

So hey, who knows, we may never be able to cure the evils of liberalism and the gun grabbing NRA, and the wankers who may actually think that aneight inch blued handgun will be all the compensation they will ever need for all of the other issues.... But mixing goooder spelling with feeding the poor, who knows....

It clearly can't be any worser than the current policy of no bid contracts...

It should be noted, that I do not know John Breen, or what is really behind his appraoch. So, who knows. I mean folks could be donating to Patrick Henry Graduates, as a part of "God's Harvard" and the hope that they will be better able to restore the true K-Street Project free of the liberal slant of the last one, that will keep on winning against the unbelievers.... or not...
Tags: religion, war

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