drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly Defeatist Stab The Troops In The Back God hating America Bashing!!!

Shock, Shock:
U.S. military officials said Saturday that overall American troop levels in Iraq would drop by about 5,000 next month when a combat brigade completed its withdrawal.

The U.S. Army's 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry, which has been operating primarily in the country's volatile eastern Diyala province, will be the first of five brigades to depart Iraq without being replaced over the next several months, officials confirmed.

The pending departure of the 3rd Brigade was announced Nov. 13, but the number of soldiers had been reported as 3,000 and the withdrawal was said to be scheduled for January.

[ cf Troop levels in Iraq to fall by 5,000 ]

I mean what clearer sign that the evil doers are doing Evil!!!!


Shouldn't the department of homeland piety be checking to find out which of the usual suspects need to be retained after the usual round up of the usual suspects has rendered enough of them more supportive of their love for Great Leader!!!

Or were we suppose to hate the lib erals for their failure to go on eternally supporting the no bid contracts that of course we can never remember need to be included in the department of nation building's budget....

Either way, clearly Liberals Are Bad!!!

So Remember, vote BushCheney2008 or those EVIL DOERING EVIL DOERS WILL DO EVIL, DOINGLY, AS ERS!!!
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