drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why The Demonic Are Devil Worshipping God Haters!!!

My dear friend madmerle in Mad Hatters to the Left, Jabberwocks to the Right... provides what would otherwise be a really brilliant and stunning piece of literary witicism. But unfortunately fails to take into account a few minor boring and technical details.

Another way to present the grand comedy here is that the classical logical fallacies remain the same, whether we cite them in modern english, old english, or Latin, and the unborn baby jesus clearly must always have had is having done. ( it is equally important to re-introduce the full on aorist form of verbs, but in a time neutral context, when speaking the divine will that is exterior to the flow of mere mortal time, and all that... }

But that unfortunately ranks on par with asserting that Mathematics should be the same, irregardless of whether one is a Puppet Toady of Hitlary and her rad femmi surf nazi's, or a true believer, and most holy prayer warrior of the Most Divinely Appointed Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp...

Which we all know is clearly fallacious, since Mathematics has been corrupted by devil worshipping heathenists who want to allow the hindoo notion of zero into the number theory, so as to become the dimitudinal demons of Islamicists, and hence are eternally stabbing our troops in the back with their godless kapitulationist Appeasement!!!

As such, those who wish to make any appeal to reasoning, have opted OUT of any protection under the law, since, clearly their open opposition to great leader, and the clear and compelling mandates of Faith Based Reasoning, makes it obvious that they are mentally ILL and are no longer fit for any form of public discussion, since their criminal treason against the divine will can only be the clear and compelling argument that they are not merely Mentally Ill, in some soft squishy liberalist sense, but even far worse, are openly showing that they have become DEMONICALLY POSSESSED by God Hating America Bashing Legions from the pit!!!

So we arrive at the core FAILURE of Berkowitz's EVIL LIBERAL Wall Street OpEd, namely that by his tacit acceptance that in his evil liberal world, they were merely 'mentally ill', he has tacitly set up some alledged escape route for the Demonically Possessed Devil Worshippers who are always at all times stabbing our troops in the back with their Unamericanism!!!

But do these Radical Left Wing Extremists Media Meat Puppets such as Berkowitz, and his anti-war draft dodging, dope smoking "wall street journal" wish to be held accountable for their Extremists Radical Hatred of the Divine WIll and the True American way of life!!!! Of Course NOT!!! That would be merely the fandango dancing of persons who are trying to HIDE from their personal obligations to Vote for BushCheney2008 to support the president to support the troops!!!

A similar argument can still be constructed that the process of merely hating Nancy Pelosi, as a mere ad hominem attack, has been no more useful at presenting a rational public discourse, than any of the other popular uses of classical logical fallicies as the rhetorical devices that the pedagogically impared munt up on in lieu of actually having to own, water, stable, and feed their pet hobby horse...

But that way can equally be used to show that all of the devil worshipping god hating america bashers are really not at all our sort of people.

Thus leaving all true believers to the one true and only course of Action: That they are Voting for BushCheney2008, and are not on the side of Satan.

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