drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Papist Stabbing Americans In The Back By Abandoning Mormon Cultists???

Well!!! the Shocking Horror is just Shocking:
The former Governor of Arkansas seems to be gaining ground mostly among self identified pro-life and pro-family voters. Though that includes a lot of evangelical Protestant voters, one untold story is the growing number of Catholics who are turning with interest to the candidate. One Catholic “blogger” has even begun a campaign, inviting readers to say a “rosary for Huckabee.”

Some sources covering his Republican rivals hint that Huckabee will soon face hostile attacks from other Republicans who perceive his growing momentum as a threat. Some promise to expose what they term his ‘liberalism’. This includes calling attention to his record of support for the rights of immigrants, concern for the poor and his critical comments concerning the lack of health care for many poor and middle class Americans.

Ironically, it is these issues, and others, which will only continue to drive the growing interest among Catholics who are considering the candidate as an alternative to an unacceptable Rudy Giuliani.

[ cf ANALYSIS: Huckabee Hounds Romney in Iowa ]
Let us be honest folks.

As everyone knows, they allowed a Papist in the White House, and the next thing you know we had the complete moral collapse of our white christian america as the evil demonic liberals spread their Gay HomoZeXualism over everything, and were stabbing our valiant fighting forces, The Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, and their true prayer warriors, in the back, until americans accepted the true divine will and elected Nixon to restore the moral fibre of the nation!!!

Can we again allow this hiddeous and heinous threat of Unamericanism to again blot our Patriotic America with godless heathen papist puppet toadies of the demonic Liberalism!!!

I say NO!!!!

We MUST now support BushCheney2008, or the Demonic Forces Of EVIL will turn your children into lesbian zombies!!!
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