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Those War Winning Ways.

I find it interesting that by 11:30 PST Goggle has dumped references to the state of the union address from the simple front page of Google News. Clearly something that should be investigated by state security to verify that they have remained loyal to the regime in our war on Tyranny Everywhere.

Meanwhile, there is the warming up of the 'wheat for weapons' scandal down under, where it appears that Al-Qaeda Supporters, the australian government, was openly involved in trading with the enemy in a time of politically differentness.

A spokesman for AWB said the company was not presently using the credit scheme but had done so in the past.

In a scathing letter to former ambassador Mr Thawley, Senator Coleman says he is "deeply troubled" by Mr Thawley's actions in 2004, when he had made "emphatic denial and representations" about the AWB's actions.

Senator Coleman said Mr Thawley blamed a "rogue journalist" and the US wheat industry for spreading rumours of misconduct, and said Iraq was paying high prices for Australian wheat because of storage and transport costs.

Senator Coleman clearly now believes he was duped by Australian officials.

[ cf [ AustralianEvilLiberalPropogandaArm ]
Are you as SHOCKED as I am about all of this?

"rogue journalists" spreadign rumours of misconduct, that happen to turn out to be based in the evil failed liberal pre-911 era 'reality based community'.

How Shocking!!!!

Innocent American Members of the American Government DUPED by other members of the government!

How Shocking!!!

Clearly now we will be able to rescue Australia from the dark horrors of their evil liberal tyranny...


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