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Amusing Moments in Epistemology...

Ah yes, one of my friends asserted:
Be that as it may, I am in complete agreement with Berkowitz on the following point: Hatred tends to obscure reason. The issue is not whether any of us like or dislike Bush or to what degree we may have these feelings, but rather to what degree we let those irrational feelings cloud our judgment, good sense, and impartiality. 'Tis something to bear in mind...
( email about The Insanity of Bush Hatred )
which on it's surface is mostly reasonable.

But what will it take for these great true believers to grow the courage of their convictions and rant about, well,
The Insanity of Blind Loyalty To Great Leader Based Upon The Argument From Intelligent Design
- and hence attempt to do more than marginalize any dissent against folly!!!!

What adds the special value here is that these same fruitBats are unwilling to follow the "logic" of all of their arguments, as a conjealing mass of Turkey Fat, and openly support BushCheney2008, since of course, we are a nation that is at least as at war as when the Clintons were in office, and we all understand that the second attack on the world trade center must have been some sort of extra special wake up call that the nation was still at least as much as at war as it had been prior to the 2nd attack on the world trade center. Thus it clearly follows that in a time of being at least as much as at war as the prior time, that the president acquires at least the extra special powers that are consistent with a president who is in a time of being at least as at war as before!!! Thus since these extra special powers allow all sorts of extra special authority above and beyond the constitution of the united states of america, because the nation is at least as much at war as before, then why would anyone expect that the 22nd Ammendment were any more in force as any of the other ammenements, or any of the traditions of constitutional law, that must be set aside in a time of being at least as much at war as before, so as to not stab the troops in the back!!! Since being at least as at war as before, there are the needs to have the clear and compelling logic of the consistency of command, and since the democrats got that have FDR for more than two mere terms, then of course that means that in all fairness the GOP should be allowed to have at least one, if not more, presidents in the current, at least as much as at war as before, rule for more terms than FDR got, or it would just not be fair!!!!

And if the NeoConClownCarCrew has been anything, it has been about the IMPORTANCE OF FAIRNESS!!!! and how the courts must protect us from the sort who would sleep under bridges, since, well, the law prevents the Unpleasant, as well as the proper, from sleeping under bridges, hence, anyone who will not support BushCheney2008 are stabing our troops in the back as traitors engaged in the treason of not supporting the current manifestation of being at least as at war as the nation had been under the clintons, because those types are unreasonable and are not at all nice, and want to force people to sleep under bridges like Trolls!!!

Clearly if we are allowed to torture some more folks, some of whom might know something, about at least something, then this will stop those who Oppose BushCheney2008, and this torturing of folks is always allowed in a time of being at least as at war as before, since, well, without torturing, the folks who sleep under the bridge might rise up to take away our beds!!! Thus the problem with bad people is that they allow their irrational hatred to over ride the well formed irrational arguments that are patriotically and loyally put forward by people who are no longer victimized by mere reasonability!!! Thus those who oppose Great leader remain the sick minded types who need to be institutionalized until they understand that reasoning has no place in a time of being at least as much at war as before, because we must have More Tax Cuts or the scary things that come out at night from under the bridges will return and once again destroy the world trade center as they did on the first and second attacks on the world trade center!!!!

But do the pro-bridge faction of liberalism care about the GRAVE THREAT that bridges cause all true americans? That they must decide which is more important!!! Winning the at least as much as at war as before, or their irrational and insane fetish for bridges!!!!

Clearly IF you are not voting BushCheney2008 then you are in bed with the troll under the bridge in some irrational sexual preversion because you do not accept that we are at least as much at war as we have always been before!!!!

So yes. The day I hear some wanker sober up and argue that mere blind loyalty in great leader is a not so gooder appraoch, because of it's actual abandonment of reasoning, I may be able to take seriously the concern of some of these folks, that they are not merely fearful of the troll under the bridge...

Even worse, when they notice that it is known as the 'bridge of the nose' and that means that there could well be trolls under that too.....
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