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Are We There Yet???

I was reminded in my mind, after having an amusing chat about the film Redacted, that there was that story, that story that was so interesting and neat, by... And I had to ask. It was by Bruce Sterling, it is We See Thing Differently.

Given the current market event sequencing.... Hum...

Ok, so yes, prior to our successful air campaign against Iraq back in 1991, they had nearly a 90% literacy rate. Then we helped them achieve a 50% Literacy Rate, as we maintained both the very successful random air campaign, and the economic sanctions. Which of course has helped us breed more of THEM over there.

Hum, if you do not have a picture book guide to how the occupying forces will signal that one has to deal with the check point, in a country with 50% illiterate, who can not read the arabic, let alone, american lettering, and no one has validated what the actual hand signals are suppose to mean... is it any surprise that only 3% of those killed at checkpoints in Iraq in the first year, were, well, uh, insurgents...

Now don't get me wrong, but the so called "Coalition Provisional Authority", which was lawfully required to be the Occupying Power, was the so called civilian leadership cut out between the problems and the rest of the civilian leadership CONUS. What if they FAILED to comprehend their actual obligations???

What if a central part of the ongoing failure in Iraq has been the failure of the so called Civilian Component of the process, that thought that this was going to be just one more welfare state hand out, where they could be the next Brownie, doing a Heck Of A Job, with, well, no actual personal responsibility to deliver on the goods....

Thank GOD we got us that 'war stuff' so that we can go on being more at war than ever before....

And it is not really like anyone has to worry, since it is not like any of the dead really matter!!!! I mean that has to be one of the most comical parts of Baba O'Reilly's Rant - he is all upset about how bad evil liberal hollywood folks want to show pictures of dead american troops.... And what is it that is actually the real show at the end of Redacted???

Dead Unarmed Women and Children, as well as other civilians.

But I guess in Baba O'Reilly Land it doesn't really matter, since THEY are all THEM, you know, not like Baba O'Reilly or his kind. Since well, they are in the rear with the beer, rather than following their rhetorical posturing into and engagement with reality.....

What if there is MORE than one way We See Thing Differently???

What if the Pro-War Crowd had to live near their rhetorical posturing....

You know, be able to differenciate between dead civilian and dead troops...

Hum, maybe even be able to think about the consequences of their actions - and well, gosh the actions of their civilian representations, and their so called positons....
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