drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And that's a Bad Thing???

When Paulose lost the confidence of even confirmed Bush party-liner Sen. Norm Coleman, you'd think that people had given up on making the case for this poster-child for US Atty Purge hackdom.

But no.

Minnesota blogger Eric Black has been in the lead on the Paulose story since the spring. And now he brings news that Paulose's supporters are now pushing the story that she's being run out of office by a secret pro-prostitution cabal at the Justice Department.

Black's got the details

[ cf Paulose the Victim of Pro-Sex Slave Cabal? ]
No, seriously.....

Aren't we suppose to be getting our divine rights to concubinage???? and of coures the evil liberals would label that as merely Pro-Sex Slavery, because of their war against Biblical Literalism, and their hate of God, but doesn't that mean that Paulose is one of them damn Radical Left Wing Extremists????

Oh these things are just so hard to keep track....

Remind me again how to tag this one???
Tags: religion, war

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