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Semi Progess in the ReLegalizing Thingie Pooh

Well it appears that another case has moved forward.
Okay, there's been a new development in the case of Bilal Hussein, the Iraqi Associated Press photographer whose detention in Iraq by the U.S. military for a year and a half without charges has become a wingnut blogger cause celebre.

For many months now, the Associated Press has long been making a straightforward case: Charge Hussein or release him. This simple demand has sparked months of fury from the Michelle Malkin brigade, which has ceaselessly defended the U.S. military's right to hold Hussein indefinitely.
The wingnut bloggers' response? It's kind of perfect, actually. Malkin appears to be suggesting that this represents some kind of vindication for her -- even though Hussein still hasn't even been charged, tried or convicted of anything yet. You really couldn't ask for a more perfect expression of her contempt for the rule of law than that.

[ cf New Development In Bilal Hussein Case; Wingnuts Reaffirm Contempt For Rule Of Law ]
Remind me again why do these folks even waste time acting as if they knew the difference between 'law' and 'divine manifestation'.....

Ah yes.....

Should we allow america to fall prey to the mere law of mortal men, when the divine will is so clear!!!!

Or would this be a better time to talk about invoking the divine rights of state secrets and that this person should never have been allowed to be concerned in any way shape or form, since of course, the divine right of state secrets means that no one can be allowed into a court of law if there is any sort of state secret that could be associable to the process....

Vote For BushCheney2008, or the liberals will demand that law be legal!!!
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