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It's Biznizz, not personal!!!

They Are Trying To Out Sell Us:
Russia may pay a very big price for its arms shipments to Iran and Syria. The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress currently considers a bill to introduce economic sanctions against Russian organizations and companies which provide countries of the so-called axis of evil with up-to-date defense technologies.

The bill was submitted to the Congress Wednesday. Five congressmen who initiated the document express their concerns about Russia-led arms deliveries to Iran and Syria. The congressmen demand U.S. President George W. Bush should introduce sanctions against the arms suppliers. They believe that the Russian companies herewith break U.S. laws which exclude defense shipments to Iran and Syria.

The President of the United States is entitled to single-handedly introduce economic sanctions against companies, state-run organizations and foreign countries violating the ban to deliver defense technologies (including weapons of mass destruction and missile technologies) to the countries of the axis of evil.
“Any attempts to dictate the restrictions based on one-sided and politicized views cannot and will not be taken into our consideration,” Putin said. “This is the absolute priority for us. Russia has always observed, observes and will observe all international obligations in the defense field,” the Russian president added.

[ cf USA may introduce sanctions against Russia for its lucrative arms deals ]
Uh, weren't we suppose to be supporting the free marketter's in Mother Russia who had liberated Russia from the jack booted unilaterialism of the Stalinist Cult Of Personality!!!

Don't these Ruskies UNDERSTAND that our Great Leader has a pipeline to GOD and therefore when He speaks, he is making the only International Law that can be lawful!!! Since all other forms of international law are not lawful unless established to be actionable by great leader!!!

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