drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Support Kapitulatonist Appeaser Cut And Runners???

Oh for the shame of it all:
The chasm that divides us on Iraq is profound. But there's one thing you'd think the fiercest voices on both sides could agree on: asylum for the Iraqis who worked closely with the US and now seem certain to get killed for it. A USAID official came up with a list of the 800 most urgent cases and so far we've only managed to cough up visas for 10 of them.

(ed.note: To be clear, this isn't about sharks like Chalabi and folks like that. It's translators, assistants -- ordinary folks.)

[ cf The Least We Can Do ... ]
I mean do we want to set some sort of dangerously deranged precedent????

Simply because some crazed persons decide to do something insane, such as support an occupying force that has invaded their nation, does not mean that we should have to take any of those Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners. I mean you do not think that any Red, White And Blue all american would ever find themselves in such a state!!! As we have never lost our country and been forced to make a living under the jack boot of some militarist occupation!!!

So why should we care what happens to those Kapitulationist Appeasers who seem to have simply supported us because they wanted to immigrate to america, rather than win total victory over IRAN!!!!

Those PEOPLE over there are going to have to learn to be responsible for their own actions!!! They can not go on expecting that american tax payers will be willing to fund their little fetishes for ever!!! They can either decide that they are going to march total victory in IRAN, or just live with the consequences that they sided with the wrong collection of people who were running the rape rooms in Abu Ghraib!!!! That will teach folks that they have to learn to be responsible about these things....

Now MORE than ever, folks MUST support BushCheney2008 to keep these Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut and Runners coming to america to take away the hight paying jobs as Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut and Runners from the Loyal Party Aparachniki!!!

Anything less and YOU may be the one asking the Diamonds or Perls question, on the next 'who cares one way or the other?'
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