drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... do not watch cheezy porn.

Which explains why they have given up on the state of the Union Address.

It's one thing to try and get all hot and bothered with that RealMan[dm] Hot Man On Man Gay Pride Strokefest that can be found in the local gay video rental service. But to have no obvious male member even present while trying to do that Hot Man On Man Thing, and In Public, Please! There is a limit to what is stomachable.

Ok, so it is not merely the flacid lameness of the kow towing and really bad drag theatre that is the actual video production, that the state of the Union has decayed into, which, let us be honest, has always been done better by the cockettes than the current collection of amateurs prancing around as if they were a government. But the truly obscene nature of the Evil Liberal Media's desperate effort to dress up this pig flatulance with days of desperate efforts at foreplay pretending to be possible insights into which will be the most laughable allegation of a national policy agenda is only Grossed Out more by their "please sir can I have another one" pathetic efforts to try to even act as if they listened to any of the words alledgedly asserted during the performance.

Hey kids, what if we had a government that had been near a clue fairey? Or an Evil Liberal Media that cared just one wit for a free republic, that they had the courage of their convictions to simply NOT SHOW it based upon the FCC's Commitment to Public Decency - and especially not when there might be impressionable young children whom this whole pathetically lame impersonation of badly done cheezy porn will scar them for the rest of their life, and most likely turn them away from Heterosexuality For Ever.

It is such a tragedy that we have arrived at a state of the union where it is so obviously badly done, it barely ranks as even cheezy porn.


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