drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are YOU doing your Part To STOP the Gay HomoZeXual mathematics???

I recently purchased, and have finished reading Engines Of Logic that shows the DEMONIC DOWNFALL of the computing industry as it has been taken over by Gays, HomoZeXuals, Jews, Trade Unionists, and Evil Liberals who have run away from their lawful obligations to uphold the Fatherland and Defeat the International Communist Konspirakii!!!

I was SHOCKED!!! Just SHOCKED to find out that not once did the author even mention the need to restore the Biblically Literal God Given Binary Coded Roman Numerals, just as Jesus would Compute With!!!! And never even paused to CONDEMN the inclusion of the Evil Heathen Hindoo notion of Zero in the so called modern mathematics as a way to destroy our white Christian America with Demonic Ferrign Devil Unamericanisms!!!

So baring the Glaring Unamericanisms that are to be accepted from those stuck in the dark horrors of the failed pre-911 culture, there were some interesting tid bits. Such as picking out that there was other than Newton's Calculus, and that yes, Liebnitz's annotations were to finally be accepted over the reactionary tory throwbacks, a reality that only gets resolved when the usual folly between the continential and British Jack Booted Imperialism.

It also does yeoman's work getting past the limitations of the post-war era's security craze, that bound up some of the details about who did what to whom as a part of fathering the modern Modern SeXular Humanist Demonic Computing Era. Not to mention the now mostly useless arithmetic fethish that was once the dominant notion of what computers were all about, rather than the simpler AEC that Alan Turing wanted them to be, with what would become known as RISC architecture....

Joe BoB says "check it OUT!!!"

But all true patriotically corrector than thou know that they are Going to Vote BushCheney2008, and have no need to be bogged down in any form of factualism, logic, or any of that Rudy Giuliani GayHomZeXualism!!!!
Tags: books, bushcheney2008, computers

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