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They Are Like That, You Know....

Well one of my GodLess America Bashing Haters of BushCheney2008, is out Pimping Redacted The Film. And let us be honest, it is so God Fearingly All American to see:
"You pull that movie (Redacted) or I'm going to be your worst nightmare."
- Bill O'Reilly
( op cite )

Not since Banned In Boston have we been this fortunate to have such a devote believer in the total irrelevancy of not only the government, but also the media, who can be counted on to be a rallying point for those who either do not like the government, or are wanting to retreat back into the failed culture of the pre-911 world where there was the myth that america should be a nation of laws.

The play dates, some in your area, can be found at play dates....

Now, yes, I can agree with Bill O'Reilly, folks really should NOT allow facts to interrupt their process, but hey, there are some folks who have seen the film and reviewed it, Richard von Busack's 'Soldier Talk' or "Redacted" stuns Venice.

Ah yes, I think it might just be worth it to take a run up to the Acquarious in Palo Alto, and then a little quiet time....

Besides, just because the american courts convict americans of war crimes, really should not impinge upon Bill O'Reilly and their total commitment to the position that americans should simply over look the rulings of the court in such matters, you know, for strictly ideological reasons....

Now do not get me wrong here. I am not at all suggesting that we should allow American law to be the law in america, or any of those old failed liberal agenda items of the failed liberal world prior to 911.... but, gosh, wouldn't it be a happier world freed from the tyranny of merely factual stuff...
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